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Ichibangai (一番街, lit. First Street) is a game exclusive team that appears in Inazuma Eleven as a required match, and also an optional match in Inazuma Eleven 2 as part of a Taisen route.


Ichibangai's standard uniform consists of a sunset yellow T-shirt with a dark green collar and linings. Their shorts are also colored dark green. The goalkeeper uniform is a pink, long-sleeved shirt that also has a dark green collar.


They appeared before Raimon's match against Shuuyou Meito. Raimon needed to beat Ichibangai in order to reopen Maid Cafe.


  1. Yaono Sumiko (GK)
  2. Fudeyama Tome (DF)
  3. Ootama Konomi (DF)
  4. Honemaru Hitoshi (DF)
  5. Shittou Nao (DF)
  6. Tachimi Ritsuko (MF)
  7. Misemachi Yasunori (MF)
  8. Utagawa Makoto (MF)
  9. Kisaragi Sarina (FW/captain)
  10. Mikawaya Saburou (MF)
  11. Purogure Iwao (FW)
  12. Iemori Yuuji (GK)
  13. Ebisu Masayoshi (DF)
  14. Ikuji Kamao (DF)
  15. Eji Nobuya (FW)
  16. Tanabe Sayaka (DF)

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