Hurricanes symbol

Hurricanes (ハリケーンズ) is a team that can be challenged in The Ogre version of Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!.


The uniform is dark green with light green lines on the shoulders.The goalkeeper uniform is black.


All members of Hurricanes are based on colors or elements.

Even though the team can be challenged only in The Ogre version of the game, all members in the Spark and Bomber versions as well.

Hurricanes can be challenged as the second team in the Dream Tournament. The robot is located through which the team can be initially challenged is located at Urayama (裏山(うらやま)). All members are between the levels 55 and 85.


  1. Karyuu (GK)
  2. Kazamatsuri (DF)
  3. Raigou (DF)
  4. Reizei (DF)
  5. Naemi (MF)
  6. Yamine (MF)
  7. Oio (MF)
  8. Yura (MF)
  9. Kunouzan (MF/captain)
  10. Rekkuu (FW)
  11. Taisei (FW)
  12. Sakitori (GK)
  13. Suma (FW)
  14. Masaki (FW)
  15. Raina (FW)
  16. Takagamo (MF)

Hissatsu tactics

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