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Hoshino Ryuuhei (星野(ほしの) 隆平(りゅうへい)) is a defender of the Raimon's second team.


Hoshino In Raimon School Uniform GO 3 HD

Hoshino in his Raimon school uniform.

He has spiky blue hair with a yellow star piece accessory and black eyes. He has a fair skin and an average height.


He seems to care for the team, but he can also be quick tempered.

Because of the recent happening involving with Kuro no Kishidan, he quits the team with no choice along with all Raimon second team members even if Matsukaze persisted them to stay.


Along with most members of the Raimon second team, they get badly beaten and injured.

Because of this happening, Hoshino quits the Raimon team, like most of the Raimon second team.

He reappeared in episode 40 with the rest of the second team. He watched with his team the finals of the Holy Road, where Raimon played against Seidouzan in the first half and Dragonlink in the second half.

Game appearance

Character avatar

Raimon (GO) second team Uniform (R GO B) Hoshino

Character view

Front Overview Back Overview Front Close View Back Close View
Soccer uniform
Hoshino Ryuuhei front
Hoshino Ryuuhei back
Hoshino Ryuuhei front zoom
Hoshino Ryuuhei back zoom


All stats are at level 99 and untrained.

  • GP: 147
  • TP: 167
  • Kick: 76
  • Dribbling: 110
  • Technique: 101
  • Block: 75 (95)
  • Speed: 144
  • Stamina: 104
  • Catch: 47
  • Lucky: 90

  • GP: 144
  • TP: 165
  • Kick: 61
  • Dribbling: 96
  • Block: 91 (111)
  • Catch: 45
  • Technique: 88
  • Speed: 142
  • Stamina: 90
  • Lucky: 76

  • GP: 144
  • TP: 165
  • Kick: 61
  • Dribbling: 96
  • Block: 91 (111)
  • Catch: 45
  • Technique: 88
  • Speed: 142
  • Stamina: 90
  • Lucky: 76


Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


  • 'Hoshi' (星) means 'star', referring to the star piece on his hair.


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