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Hiura Kirina (氷浦(ひうら) 貴利名(きりな)) is a midfielder of Inakuni Raimon. He previously played for Inakuni Soccer Club before it got disbanded. He also plays as a midfielder for Inazuma Japan in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Hiura has a spiky light blue hair and light purple eyes, and a fair white skin. He's average in height. His normal clothes consist of a white hoodie sweater with black lines on the first half of his sweater and black pants, also black shoes that are white at the bottom.


Hiura was a part of Inakuni Soccer Club before it got disbanded by their coach, Fuyukai Suguru. After Inamori Asuto tried to stop the workers from demolishing the soccer field, Hiura was the one who told Asuto that he had to go to the hospital because of his mom. The next day, the team and Kozoumaru Sasuke decided to go to Inazuma Town to play soccer there and Hiura talked to his grandmother about his decision. Leaving Inakunijima, they arrived at Inazuma Town while staying at the Kogarashi Manor and the players became members of Inakuni Raimon. Their first match was against Seishou Gakuen but Hiura and his teammates were easily overwhelmed by the players of Seishou Gakuen, losing 1-10.

During the match between Inakuni Raimon and Minodouzan, Hiura remembered the training he was giving by the coach, Zhao Jin Yun, and revealed his new hissatsu, Koori no Ya. With that hissatsu he was able to pass over Rensa The Wall to Asuto, who scored the second and winning goal for Inakuni Raimon.





  • The first kanji in his family name means ice.
  • His personality and element are similar to Fubuki Shirou.