Hiura Kirina

Hiura Kirina (氷浦(ひうら) 貴利名(きりな)) is a midfielder of Inakuni Raimon. He previously played for Inakuni before it got disbanded. He also plays as a midfielder for Inazuma Japan in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Hiura has a spiky light blue hair and light purple eyes, and a fair white skin. He's average in height. His normal clothes consist of a white hoodie sweater with black lines on the first half of his sweater and black pants, also black shoes that are white at the bottom.


Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

Hiura was a part of Inakuni before it got disbanded by their coach, Fuyukai Suguru. After Inamori Asuto tried to stop the workers from demolishing the soccer field, Hiura was the one who told Asuto that he had to go to the hospital because of his mom. The next day, the team and Kozoumaru Sasuke decided to go to Inazuma Town to play soccer there and Hiura talked to his grandmother about his decision. Leaving Inakunijima, they arrived at Inazuma Town while staying at the Kogarashi Manor and the players became members of Inakuni Raimon. Their first match was against Seishou Gakuen but Hiura and his teammates were easily overwhelmed by the players of Seishou Gakuen, losing 1-10.

The next day, Inakuni Raimon woke up in the Kogarashi Manor and Norika texted with her mother. The team ate their breakfast before heading off to Raimon to train for their next match. While they were training, they were introduced to their coach, Zhao Jinyun, and they heard about the set-up of the Football Frontier, which revealed that Inakuni still had a chance to advance to the national block as long as they win their next matches. They then talked about their next opponent, Minodouzan, and they find it weird how their coach wanted to strengthen their defense instead of coming up with a strategy to bring the wall down. The coach gave another weird training where Hiura and Iwato Takashi were excluded from others, giving them chores to do instead while the match was coming up. The next day, Inakuni Raimon received new uniforms from their sponsor, which made the players happy, and photos were made from them for their Eleven License. During the match between Inakuni Raimon and Minodouzan, Hiura remembered the training he was giving by the coach and revealed his new hissatsu, Koori no Ya. With that hissatsu he was able to pass over Rensa The Wall to Asuto, who scored the second and winning goal for Inakuni Raimon. The team didn't have a match for some days and some members decided to go watch the match between Seishou Gakuen and Kidokawa Seishuu but Hiura wasn't one of the those members. Sometime later, the team was depressed as they had to play against Mikage Sennou without their coach because he got arrested. They still played their match against Mikage Sennou and the team started with an all out charge, leaving their side of the field open. Inakuni Raimon managed to play well since they still received orders through their Eleven Band from the coach. In the end, they won with a score of 4-0 and sometime after the match, they had a meeting about their upcoming opponent, Teikoku Gakuen with their coach, who was back from jail.

The match against Teikoku Gakuen started and Inakuni Raimon easily took the lead since Teikoku Gakuen's players weren't used to their shoes. Hiura received the ball from Michinari Tatsumi and he moved up with the rest of the team, passing the ball to Hiyori Masakatsu. Near the end of the first half, almost every Inakuni Raimon player tried to score a goal but they werent't able to since Teikoku Gakuen's defenders kept blocking them, except for Asuto's, which scored the second goal for Raimon. The first half then ended with Inakuni Raimon's players being exhausted since they used up their stamina and they weren't fully rested for the second half, causing Teikoku Gakuen to easily catch up with them and scoring some goals. The coach then gave an order to use the "game" they played during training which helped them to save some stamina. After Inakuni Raimon scored the third goal, Teikoku advanced and Jimon Daiki used Judge Through on Hiura. Inakuni Raimon decided to use their trump card at the end of the match and Asuto, Kozoumaru and Umihara Norika used Hokkyoku Guma 2gou to score the fourth and winning goal for Inakuni Raimon.

To make it to the national block of the Football Frontier, Inakuni Raimon had to face one more opponent in their kanto block and they had to win that match as well to be sure to have a spot in the top two. It was revealed that their original opponent had to withdraw from the match, so Inakuni Raimon faced Seishou Gakuen once again since their opponent forfeited as well. Later that evening, Later that evening, Hiura was talking with Asuto and Mansaku Yuuichirou about the conversation Asuto heard earlier between Haizaki Ryouhei and Nosaka Yuuma. The next day, Inakuni Raimon trained for their rematch against Seishou Gakuen. Seishou Gakuen quickly took the lead with Haizaki scoring three goals for them since nobody was able to steal the ball from him. The first half ended with Inakuni Raimon unable to score a goal. During half time, Asuto motivated his teammates to still have fun in soccer even though they were losing at the moment and his teammates agreed with him. The second half started and Inakuni Raimon's movements changed as they quickly scored their first goal with Kozoumaru's Fire Tornado. Sasotsuka Eiji received the ball from Haizaki and Hiura approached him to steal the ball but he passed the ball before Hiura was able to. Mansaku managed to steal the ball and Inakuni Raimon advanced through the field with Hiura being a part of the attack. To score the third goal for, Inakuni Raimon used Marionette Attack to prevent Seishou Gakuen from stealing the ball. With Seishou Gakuen's players being out of stamina, Inakuni Raimon counterattacked and Hiura used his combination technique with Asuto and Kozoumaru, Meteor Drop, to score the fourth goal. In the end, Inakuni Raimon won the match with a score of 5-4 and they celebrated their victory.

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

Hiura and his team were present at the ceremony where the member of Inazuma Japan were announced with Hiura being part of the midfielders selection. The players who were selected, aside from Nosaka and Nishikage Seiya, then came together wearing their uniform and went to their training facility with the bus. After they arrived there, the team was introduced to their coaches and managers as well to Ichihoshi Mitsuru, a soccer player from a Russian club. The next day, Clario Orvan appeared, using Diamond Ray which nobody was able to stop, and Hiura along with four others met Mutekigahara Fujimaru later that night who challenged them to steal the ball from him.

The day of their match against Red Bison arrived and Hiura asked Asuto of he was still hurt from the soccer battle they had with Mutekigahara, mentioning that his strength was the real thing. The match started and Red Bison used Tokkou Buffalo Train, which Hiura dodged although he was surprised that he was able to dodge it. After Asuto dodged Baek Shi-Woo's rough play, Hiura realized that the soccer battle they had with Mutekigahara helped them to dodge the rough plays of Red Bison since Mutekigahara used rough plays as well. The five players who faced Mutekigahara then advanced by dodging Red Bison's rough plays and Hiura passed to Kidou, who started Juu to Gou, in order for Gouenji Shuuya to score a goal with Last Resort. However, quickly after the kick-off, Gouenji got injured and that made his teammates worried about his injury with the first half ending quickly after. During half time, Hiura was still worried about Gouenji's injury but he was surprised about that Goujin was warming up since Hiroto was warming up as well. After making the switch, the second half started and Hiura was shocked that despite the rivalry between Haizaki and Hiroto, they still brought the ball up. Endou stopped Baek's Red Break and Hiura went to the loose ball but Lee Dong-Hyeok was faster and scored the second and tying goal for his team. Seok Min-Woo got injured by his own teammates, which shocked most of Inazuma Japan's members, and Hiura later was a part of the tactics, Angel Robe. In the end, Inazuma Japan with a score of 3-2 with Penguin The God & Devil scoring the winning goal and the team celebrated their victory in the locker room.



Inazuma Eleven AC: Dream Battle