Hissatsu tactics (必殺タクティクス, hissatsu takutikusu) are special hissatsu used by the whole team, a select number of players, or one person. They were first introduced in the third game.


When a hissatsu tactic is used, a fixed amount TTP is detracted from the team. There are four different types of hissatsu tactics (offense, defense, kick and guard) which can be used in one of three different situations:

  1. When your team is on your part of the field.
  2. When your team is on the opponent's part of the field
  3. During a free kick, a corner kick, or anywhere on the field.

The amount of TTP in a team also increases along with the team's level.

In the GO games, a lvl 99 team can have 150 TTP. This number can be increased or decreased depending the effect of the coach used, though that only happens in Chrono Stone and Galaxy.

List of Hissatsu Tactics

Introduced in Inazuma Eleven

Introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO

Introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


Inazuma Eleven 3 Help Files


  • In the anime, Banana Shoot and The Tube weren't recognized as hissatsu tactics. Instead, they were both corner kicks and both lead a curving direction from the corner to the goal. However, these were recognized in the game as official hissatsu tactics.

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