Hedgehog (ヘッジホッグ), also known as Hedge (ヘッジ), is a midfielder for Team Garshield.


Hedgehog has olive green hair with side bangs that cover his left eye. He has red eyes and is short on height.


He appears as a midfielder for Team Garshield during episode 117 and episode 118. He was also one of the recipients of the successful RH Program. Despite this, their team lost to Inazuma Japan.

Game appearance

Soccer Uniform TGplayer7


Inazuma Eleven 3

At lvl. 99

  • GP: 133
  • TP: 129
  • Kick: 49
  • Body: 57
  • Control: 52
  • Guard: 57
  • Speed: 58
  • Stamina: 66
  • Guts: 60
  • Freedom: 13


Inazuma Eleven 3


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