Heaven's Garden (ヘブンズガーデン, Hebunzu Gāden) is a location.


Heaven's Garden is a beautiful place, having a great number of flowers and trees.


Heaven's Garden

Heaven's Garden in the game.

In the game, this is the place where Tenkuu no Shito can be challenged to a match, but only in the Spark and Ogre versions of the third game.


Inazuma Japan Vs. Tenkuu no Shito

The angels of Tenkuu no Shito have fought against Makai Gundan Z many centuries prior to the series to seal away a demon lord, and their task is to keep it sealed. They captured Rika in order to made her marry with the Demon King so they can seal him again. They them confronts Endou's team in a match with Rika's future in line, where are able to break through Ijigen The Hand and block Edgar's Excalibur, but ended lost by 2-1.


  • This place is based on Heaven.