Haizaki Ryouhei

Haizaki Ryouhei (灰崎(はいざき) 凌兵(りょうへい)) is a character from Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin. He is one of the three protagonists, along with Inamori Asuto and Nosaka Yuuma. He is also a forward for Seishou Gakuen and Inakuni Raimon.

He also play as a forward for Inazuma Japan in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


He has long gray hair which covers one of his eyes and tanned skin. He has sharp, multi-colored eyes consisting of gray, red, and yellow. He is also very tall.


Haizaki is Seishou Gakuen's ace striker. He is shown to be an arrogant, uncaring player who, as stated by himself, does only what he wants to do, going as far as ignoring Kidou's orders to participate in the game against Inakuni Raimon until the latter informs him they may be the 'light' he has been searching for.

It is stated by Kudou Michiya that he rarely gets agitated during a match, nor does he play it to win. However, once it happens, he turns into an overly aggressive player. He also seems prone to have almost maniacal laughing fits.



Haizaki lived in a small house with his mother, when Miyano Akane moves in in the house next to him. As Haizaki was shy, he closed the door. However, Akane knocks on his door presenting him a teddy bear as a token of their first meeting. They then become friends and play together a lot. Even his mother remarks that he has become a lot more happy after meeting Akane.

Akane then mentions she is going to change schools, as she wants to learn a lot to be able to cure others from sickness. She says she goes to a school called "Ares". As Haizaki waits for her return, Akane takes the Ares no Tenbin program, only to return in a comatose state, shocking and angering Haizaki on her return. When Haizaki saw an explanation by Midouin of the Ares no Tenbin program, he seems very angered. Haizaki reveals he plays soccer until he can get revenge for breaking Akane's heart and beat the team to prove the worthlessness of the Ares no Tenbin program.

Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

Haizaki walks out of school and encounters two teammates, who ask him where he is going, as training is about to begin. Haizaki however, has decided to pass on training, as he thinks it doesn't matter whether he plays or not. Then Mizukamiya also comes in, questioning why Haizaki purposely disrupts the team, though Haizaki doesn't really reply on that.

Haizaki travels to the arcade in town by train, to try an grab a teddy bear from one of the machines. Here he encounters Asuto, who spotted him in the arcade. Haizaki didn't remember him at first, but when Asuto explained where they met, he remembered the newbie team, Inakuni Raimon. When Asuto asks why he isn't preparing for the next match, Haizaki says he won't start in the game, as Haizaki himself decided so. Haizaki then walks out, as he grabbed the bear, and moves to the hospital, being followed by Kozoumaru. Here he visits Miyano Akane, where he gives her the teddy bear, wishing whe would return to normal.

Walking out of the hospital, Haizaki sees an interview with Gouenji on the TV, saying Haizaki is Seishou Gakuen's both strength and weakness, angering him.

At the pre-match meeting, he gets a big shock by Kidou's line-up, presenting him as the goalkeeper. As he doesn't understand why he is put there, he gets really angry. He then receives his goalkeeper jersey from Otonashi next. Haizaki asks why they have to be this scared of Gouenji, only to hear he will find out in the match.

When the match starts, Haizaki quickly faces Gouenji's Fire Tornado, shocking him by the ferocity, though Gouenji was holding back. However, two of his defenders saved him by blocking the shot with their bodies. As Haizaki feels humiliated, frustration starts building up inside him, leading to him exclaiming Kidou's name.

Kidokawa Seishuu quickly returns to Haizaki's goal with quick movements, releasing their Override hissatsu technique, Bakunetsu Storm, which blows Haizaki back in the goal, scoring the first goal for Kidokawa Seishuu, 1-0. From frustration of conceding, he kicks he ball with force towards Kidou, though he controls it easily.

From the kick-off, Kidokawa quickly approaches Seishou's goal again, this time launching the Triangle Z. As the defenders of Seishou Gakuen suspect another Override, they mark Gouenji, but let the Mukata triplets free. Triangle Z is shot towards Gouenji, but redirects at the last second towards the goal, scoring past an shocked Haizaki, making the score 2-0.

During half-time, Haizaki confronts Kidou to switch him back to the forward position, but Kidou refuses, as Kidou has a plan to win this match, and for that Haizaki needs to figure out why he is in goal. Haizaki thinks he would never lose to Gouenji, but Kidou quickly snaps back not to underestimate him. Haizaki's individual strength would not be enough to beat Gouenji's teamwork.

In the second half, Haizaki quickly leaps forward, stealing the ball from Mukata Masaru, charging forward on his own. Passing two players, he eventually gets stopped by three players of Kidokawa Seishuu, and gets the ball stolen by Nishigaki Mamoru's Spinning Cut. This leaves the goal open, but the Fire Tornado, shot by Gouenji, gets saved by a team effort of Seishou's defenders. Mizukamiya then orders Haizaki to think about how to protect the goal. Haizaki quickly figures how to, as he analyzes the attack pattern of Kidokawa Seishuu. He steals the ball from Gouenji and orders the defense around. As he figured out how to play in goal, he gets switched back to the forward position and charges forward together with Kidou and his teammates, facing of with Kidokawa Seishuu's defense.




Inazuma Eleven Penguin wo Tsugumono


  • According to the trailer, he's also known as The Devil of the Field (フィールドの悪魔 Fiirudo no Akuma).
  • According to Hino's interview, his number at Raimon (14) is a reference to Kidou's number at Raimon (14 too) one year prior.