Kanon time travel This article is about something of the Inazuma Eleven universe that has not yet been released. As such, it is a reflection of what is currently known about it, rather than a coverage as a whole.

Haizaki Ryouhei (灰崎(はいざき) 凌兵(りょうへい)) is a character from Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin. He is one of the three protagonists, along with Inamori Asuto and Nosaka Yuuma. He is also a forward for Seishou Gakuen.


He has long gray hair which covers one of his eyes and tanned skin. He has sharp, multi-colored eyes consisting of gray, red, and yellow. He is also very tall.




  • He is the one who uses Death Zone in the trailer meaning he might have learnt the technique from Kidou Yuuto. This is supported by the fact the latter's name is mentioned in the trailer.
  • According to the trailer, he's also known as Field's Demon.



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