Gurdon (ガードン, Gādon) is a planet. The planet's representative team in the Grand Celesta Galaxy is Gurdon Eleven.

Inhabitants' appearance

The inhabitants' of Gurdon have relatively bird-like features. The inhabitants' that belong to the Anti-Machine Faction have wings, while the inhabitants' that belong to the Pro-Machine Faction have robotic arms and no longer have wings.


Earth Eleven arrived to this planet in episode 28 and toured around the planet with Ishigashi Gorham as their guide. Unlike Sazanaara, Gurdon has an extremely hot climate and most of Earth Eleven's members were unable to stand the heat. Manabe even got condensed water vapor on his glasses. Ishigashi also told them a little history about Gurdon.

According to Ishigashi, all the inhabitants of Gurdon used to have wings. Until several years ago, most of them gained mechanical arms that enabled them to create various machines for their lives. However, there were those who didn't want to throw away their wings and refused to gain mechanical arms. After that, the people of this planet were divided into two parties: the Pro-Machine Faction from the west and the Anti-Machine Faction from the east.

Ibuki Munemasa and Shindou Takuto met Roglos Gordon, the elder of the Anti-Machine in episode 29. He guided them to his tribe and stayed there for one day. The next day, Roglos ordered two members of his tribe brought Ibuki and Shindou to the sky while flying around in order let them activate their Souls.



  • This planet's element is based on magma (fire).
    • Most of their hissatsu are fire-attributed.
  • The dub name of the planet "Magmavia" is referred to the magma, since Gurdon has an extremely hot climate.