Great 4's (グレート4's, Gurēto 4's) is a team in the GO game.


They appear as the second team in Kousaka Yukie's route. They are challengable after defeating the GO Specials, but only after you used the ticket found in the storage room at the Raimon Stadium, which requires a Wi-Fi Key. All the players are level 52.


  1. Rent (GK)
  2. Senrai (DF)
  3. Rage (DF)
  4. Meiko (DF)
  5. Akari (DF)
  6. Keigo (MF)
  7. Ryouta (MF)
  8. Tatsuya (MF)
  9. Seiji (FW)
  10. Sekiyan (FW)
  11. Iron Guts (FW)

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