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The Grand Celesta Galaxy (グランドセレスタ・ギャラクシー, Gurando Seresuta Gyarakushī) is a soccer tournament held in space.


It's known that the FFIV2 was actually the preliminaries of Grand Celesta Galaxy A Block. 

It was first mentioned in episode 18 by Bitway Ozrock when he was talking to Gouenji Shuuya in a flashback. To survive destruction by a black hole, Faram Obius decided to wage a space war on all the other planets in the galaxy to occupy them. However, the Ginga Renpou Hyougikai was against this and negotiated with Faram Obius to pursue a better way to solve the issue. The solution that they came up with was the galactic soccer tournament, Grand Celesta Galaxy. The winner was allowed first pick on whatever planet they desired.

However, the true nature of the tournament was revealed throughout the season. In order to erase the black hole that threatened Faram Obius and save the galaxy, the Cosmic Plasma Photon Cannon was created by Potomuri Emnator. This machine would work with the life energy that would be produced during the finale opposing Faram Dite to another team, which was revealed to be Earth Eleven.

Bitway Ozrock, the main known organizer of the tournament, took control of the Cosmic Plasma Photon Cannon and held Katra Paige hostage and later Potomuri so that they would help him finish the machine. As Katra and Potomuri were about to use the Cosmic Plasma Photon Cannon, Bitway Ozrock prevented them from doing so since it belonged to him. By doing this, he could take revenge on Faram Obius and conquer the whole galaxy.

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  • It is mentioned by Bitway that the Grand Celesta Galaxy is held 188,000 light years away from Earth.
  • According to Ishigashi, aliens are allowed to join other aliens' teams as long as the original residents permit the change.