Goujin Tetsunosuke (剛陣(ごうじん) 鉄之助(てつのすけ)) is a forward of Inakuni Raimon. He previously played for Inakuni Soccer Club before it got disbanded.


Goujin is a tall, muscular boy with dark skin and messy purple hair. He has big eyes with small black irises, a square jaw and thin eyebrows. 

Outside matches, he is seen wearing a black jacket with a pair of white stripes running down each arm and with two white pockets over his chest. He also wears gray pants and light shoes.


Goujin has a hard-working and nice personality, but seems to be lacking emotional strength and some knowledge about certain things. For example, he didn't know who Endou Mamoru was, shocking all of his teammates and he thought Fire Tornado was Fire Lemonade while training for a hissatsu with Hiyori. He easily gets angry when he doesn't agree with others comments.