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Gold Bear emblem

Gold Bear (ゴルド・ベア, Gorudo Bea) is a team in Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone.


They can be challenged in the Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone at the route of Grandfather. All the members are at level 99.

They wear the Destructchers' second uniform.


  1. Junk (GK/captain)
  2. Fumita (DF)
  3. Urano Tenshou (DF)
  4. Chuuri (DF)
  5. Michino Susumu (DF)
  6. Daikko Buuka (DF)
  7. Hebimoth (DF)
  8. Drache Gyunter (MF)
  9. Noya Keiichirou (MF)
  10. Nagumo Haruya (FW)
  11. Suzuno Fuusuke (FW)
  12. Dokuronu (GK)
  13. Bolt (DF)
  14. Viola (MF)
  15. Kurisu (MF)
  16. Satanathos (FW)

  1. Junk (GK/captain)
  2. Goruji (DF)
  3. Bolt (DF)
  4. Arkadi (DF)
  5. Haritachi (DF)
  6. Loud (MF)
  7. Rage (MF)
  8. Rydoras (MF)
  9. Rhiannon (MF)
  10. Archery (MF)
  11. Iiwatto (FW)
  12. Heirou (MF)
  13. Tamon (DF)

Hissatsu Tactics

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