Goal Zurashi (ゴールずらし, Gōru Zurashi, lit. Moving Goal) is a catch hissatsu technique.



It was first used in episode 9 by Aidoru and it successfully blocked Dragon Crash and many other shots due to the dust created by Gorimuchuu. It's more considered as a cheating move because you move the goal and not actually blocking it. But thanks to Megane that move was stopped and he scored with Megane Crash.


The user stands on the left side of the goal post, along the white line, then he jumps against it to move the whole goal away from the shot. If the hissatsu succeeds, the goal gets successfully displaced and thrown away to the right side, preventing the ball to enter it. When the hissatsu fails, the user slams his head against the rod of the goalpost, and the ball heads directly into the goal.





Moving Goal00:03

Moving Goal

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