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Gemini Storm
Gemini Storm IE 27 HQ
Original: ジェミニ・ストーム
Dub: Gemini Storm
Captain: Reize
Formation: Death Zone
Game: Inazuma Eleven 2
Anime: Episode 027
Gemini Storm emblem

Gemini Storm (ジェミニ・ストーム) is a team distributed by Aliea Gakuen. Their captain is Reize.


The male team jerseys are gray jumpsuits with light gray streaks on sleeves and hips, going the way down to the knees and they wear a orange belt around the waist. Their cleats are dark gray with a light grey toe cap. The sphere for the guys are in the middle of the chest, and for the girls is smaller and higher. The blue sphere is surrounded by four, orange streaks. Female jersey is very similar but jumpsuits going all the way down to the feet, have long sleeves connected with gloves, light gray checkered pattern on the chest and spots instead of streaks on sleeves. The goalkeeper uniform is blue instead of gray, streaks are dark gray and has long sleeves and black gloves. Captain's band is purple.


Season 2

Tumblr m1cz2bz3Fl1rn8nxzo2 400

Gemini Storm in the game.

While the Raimon Eleven are returning to their school after the victory against Zeus Junior High, Endou notices three glowing objects falling from the sky and then destroying the school. As the team arrives there, they see their predecessors (the old Inazuma Eleven) very hurt and they say they are sorry they could not defeat the aliens, who soon appear. After a little talk, Reize shows the power of his Astro Break and goes away with his partners using the black soccer balls. Their next target is discovered to be a school next to Raimon's, Kasamino, who went there and challenge them, but are easily defeated and Handa, Shishido, Max, Jin, and Shourin are injured. 

Raimon Geministrom Formation

Gemini Storm VS Raimon

They then make another appearance and confront Raimon team, which now has Kira Hitomiko as the new coach and Zaizen Touko as a new addition to the team. Though they have good chances of marking, Gouenji is tormented to see the men who threatened his sister, which makes him miss all of his kicks and the coach makes all defenders go to the attack line in the second time, resulting in another defeat. Their third match happens in Hakuren, Hokkaido, the school where the Raimon Eleven meet Fubuki Shirou, an excellent player who is both defender and striker, who helps them training their speed, substituting a retired Gouenji, and defeating Reize and Gemini Storm once and for all. After the match, Desarm appears and puts Gemini Storm in "exile".



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