Gassan Kunimitsu Emblem

Gassan Kunimitsu (月山国光) is a team that appears in Inazuma Eleven GO. They played and lost against Raimon in the 1/32 finals of the Holy Road tournament.


Gassan Kunimitsu formation

Gassan Kunimitsu's formation.

  1. Hyoudou Tsukasa (GK/captain)
  2. Kanehira Tessai (DF)
  3. Osafune Tenzen (DF)
  4. Hachisuka Tadatora (DF)
  5. Kobayakawa Soukichi (DF)
  6. Tsukishima Kagehide (MF)
  7. Masamune Gorou (MF)
  8. Kai Nobutake (MF)
  9. Shibata Kachidoki (FW)
  10. Minamisawa Atsushi (FW)
  11. Ichimonji Kirito (FW)
  12. Yamamoto Kanta (GK)
  13. Takenaka Hanzou (DF)
  14. Sanada Rokurou (DF)
  15. Shima Samonji (FW)
  16. Karasuma Takechiyo (FW)
  17. Ibuki Munemasa (GK) (Galaxy)


Gassan Kunimitsu reserves

Gassan Kunimitsu's reserves.

Hissatsu tactics


Gassan Kunimitsu Vs. Raimon

Gassan Kunimitsu in their jacket

Gassan Kunimitsu in their jacket

This match takes place in the Cyclone Stadium. Gassan Kunimitsu used the tornadoes generated by the turbines located around the stadium to their advantage. They used the tornadoes to trap Raimon's members and to carry the ball, however, Matsukaze found a way around this, using Soyokaze Step to get past the tornadoes. However, when Kurama used his hissatsu shoot, Sidewinder towards Gassan Kunimitsu's goal, their goalkeeper, Hyoudou Tsukasa brought out his Keshin, Kyoshin Gigantes and used Gigantic Bomb against Kurama's shot, which succeeded. This is when the game starts to turn around, in favor of Gassan Kunimitsu.

Finally, Raimon won 3-2, thanks to Tenma and Kurama's chain shoot, Tenma's keshin shoot and Tsurugi's keshin hissatsu.


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