Garshield Bayhan (ガルシルド ベイハン, Garushirudo Beihan) was the mastermind and main antagonist in the FFI and indirectly the main antagonist in the original series.



Garshield in the TCG.

Garshield was one of the main antagonists of the series and the real person who planned the death of Daisuke. He was the one who ordered Kageyama to be killed.


He had a long, purple beard, a monocle on his right eye, and pointy ears and long pointy nose. He also had tan skin. He was rather tall, slim and was always seen in a red suit.


He was greedy, mean and selfish. He wanted power over the world and money by using soccer as a tool. He didn't care about others (even not about his assistant) if this help his objectives. He killed Kageyama Reiji, showing that he didn't care about people's lives. So, he could be easily seen as one of the antagonist of the original series.



Garshield's plan of war.

Garshield was a very dangerous man who was trying to take over the world using soccer. He acted as the coach of Brazil's national team, The Kingdom during the FFI and the true mastermind behind Kageyama's actions, as well as the stager of Endou Daisuke's supposed death. He fooled the Brazilian team's fanbase into thinking he's promoting

Garshield ordering his assistant Hentacker to end Kageyama's life.

world peace through soccer, but in fact he's revealed to not even be the true

Garshield coaching his team in the match against Inazuma Japan

coach of the team at all. He used Demonio Strada and Mac Roniejo as test subjects for the RH Program, Roniejo being hypnotized by the sound of a whistle as shown in the match between Inazuma Japan and The Kingdom. During the match between Inazuma Japan and The Kingdom, Garshield was arrested by Detective Onigawara of the Japanese police and the true Coach of Brazil's team, Leon Sams, took his rightful place as coach. Later, Garshield escaped his arrest thanks to help of his assistant, Henktacker, and used a team of his own super-powered soccer players to attack Liocott Island. The team was named after himself: Team Garshield. He was arrested after the match by Detective Onigawara.
Garshield character design

Garshield in the character design.

Game appearance

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