Garira Zabu (ガリラ・ザブ, Garira Zabu) is a defender for Sazanaara Eleven.


Garira has light blue skin and is tall in height. He has shoulder length dark grey hair which is tipped white at the ends. He has French rose eyes, with thin pale pink bags under them.


He first appeared in episode 25 along with the rest of Sazanaara Eleven.

In episode 26, he apprehended Hilary Flail along with Valha Poropo and brought her out of their clubroom. During the match against Earth Eleven he tackled Matatagi Hayato roughly. Though later, he got the ball stolen from Matatagi when he changed into his "dark side".

In episode 27, he passed the ball to Hilary when she called out to him. However, in the end, his team lost with a score of 3-2.

Game appearance

Character avatar

Soccer uniform Garira Zabu sprite


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

In order to recruit Garira, Ixal Fleet has to be defeated first in the story mode. Also, the following requirements are needed:

  • Coin: 2 White (白2)
  • Item: Azur's World Encyclopedia (世界のアズル大百科, randomly dropped from Aqua Hermit at Roglos Gordon's taisen route)
  • Photo: Sazanaara's Coat of Arm (サザナーラの紋章の写真, taken at the Park Bridge East on Sazanaara)
  • Topic: How to Spend Your Holiday (休日の過ごしかたの話題, obtained at the Central Dome on Sazanaara)
  • Topic: Childhood (幼いころの話題, obtained at the Sazanaara Station)

After this, he can be scouted.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

At lvl. 99

  • GP: 147
  • TP: 134
  • Kick: 76
  • Dribbling: 77
  • Block: 144
  • Catch: 90
  • Technique: 112
  • Speed: 119
  • Stamina: 112
  • Lucky: 75
  • Freedom: 260


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy