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In each game, a team has its own formation (フォーメーション, fōmēshon). In the game, a formation can sometimes be gained when opening treasure chest's or when winning against another team.

List of Formations

Inazuma Eleven

-Note that the following descriptions are taken from the English release of the first game.

  • Basic (ベーシック, Bēshikku) - Raimon's standard 4-4-2 formation.
  • Death Zone (デスゾーン, Desu Zōn) - This is 5-3-2 formation is the key to Teikoku's control.
  • Ghost Dance (ゴーストダンス, Gōsuto Dansu) - Occult's 4-5-1 is flawless in attack and defence.
  • Wild Park (ワイルドパーク, Wairudo Pāku)) - Nose's attacking 3-4-3 also has a flat 3-man defence.
  • Grid442 - Mikage Sennou's 4-4-2 is influenced by systematic coordination.
  • Super☆5 (スーパー☆5, Sūpā Sutā 5) - Shuuyou Meito's formation resorts to a reckless 5-man frontline gimmick.
  • Kakuyoku no Jin (かくよくのじん) - this 4-4-2 controls the sides like a ninja clings to walls.
  • Mugen no Kabe (むげんのかべ, lit. Infinite Wall) - the farm's 4-3-2-1 is stable in defence.
  • Mukata March (ムカタ・マーチ, Mukata Māchi) - a fast paced attacking 4-3-3 used by Kidokawa Seishuu.
  • Heaven's Gate (ヘブンズゲート, Hebunzu Gēto) - the high level 4-4-2 used by Zeus that utilizes an individual's ability.
  • Phalanx (ファランクス, Farankusu) - this 5-4-1 concentrates on the midfield and is great in defence.
  • Butterfly (バタフライ, Batafurai) - by using an overlap, this 4-3-3 makes good use of the wings.
  • Dot Prison (ドットプリズン, Dotto Purizun) - an irregular tactical formation.
  • Bow & Arrow (ボー&アロー, Bō to Arō) - The attacking speed of this 4-3-2-1 will leave you quivering.
  • Middle Block (ミドルブロック, Midoru Burokku) - this 3-2-2-1-2 is excellent for maintaining possession.
  • Phoenix - (フェニックス, Fenikkusu) - this balanced 4-3-3 was hatched to have great shape and balance.

  • Basic (ベーシック, Beshikku)
  • Flat Back (フラットバック, Furatto Bakku)
  • Attacker (アタッカー, Atakkā)
  • Breakthrough (ブレイクスルー, Bureikusurū)
  • Pressure (プレッシャー, Puresshā)
  • Slash (スラッシュ, Surashu)
  • Right Wing (ライトウイング, Raito Uingu
  • Train (トレイン, Torein)
  • Triangle (トライアングル, Toraiangeru)
  • Lance (ランス, Ransu)

Inazuma Eleven 3

Name Explanation Obtaining method
Basic 4-4-2 Game start
Death Zone 5-3-2 Event
Ghost Dance 4-5-1
Wild Park 3-4-3
GRID442 4-4-2

Inazuma Eleven GO

  • Raimon - Raimon's 4-3-3 starting and balanced formation.
  • Dark Knights - 4-3-3 formation used by Kuro no Kishidan.
  • Basic - Eito's 4-4-2 formation that puts importance on stealing the ball.
  • Milky Way - Tengawara's 3-4-3 formation that thickens the attack line.
  • Omni - Mannouzaka's 4-3-3 formation that brings out every player's ability.
  • Neo Death Zone - Teikoku's 4-3-3 formation that the playmaker holds the key to.
  • Marine Snow - Kaiou's 3-5-2 formation that they use to attack from the sides.
  • Moonlight - Gassan Kunimitsu's 4-2-1-3 formation that they use to tighten their defense.
  • Softlime - Hakuren's 4-5-1 formation that they use to tightly defend and fiercely attack.
  • Tiger Strike - Kidokawa Seishuu's 4-3-3 formation that they use to start a powerful attack.
  • Phantom - Genei Gakuen's 4-3-3 formation that they use to attack from the middle.
  • Neo Cloud - Arakumo Gakuen's 3-4-3 formation that puts importance on the center players.
  • Sacred - Seidouzan's 2-3-5 formation that they use to mount an attack from the center.
  • Thousand - Dragonlink's 2-4-4 formation that they use to intimidate others.
  • Blue Reef - Aoba's 3-3-4 formation that they use to improve their attack.
  • Kid's Heart - Inazuma KFC's 4-4-2 formation that is used to improve defense.
  • Shining - Unlimited Shining's 3-2-3-2 formation that is well balanced.
  • Ancient - Ancient Dark's 4-4-2 formation that is well balanced.
  • Zero - Zero's 4-2-4 formation that puts importance on the abilities of all players.
  • Albatross - Southern Claw's 2-6-2 formation that defends from the sides.
  • Legacy - Northern Fang's 6-3-1 formation that is used to counter from the defense line.
  • Resistance - Kakumei Senbatsu Team's 4-2-4 formation that puts importance on the attacking players.

  • Raimon
  • Flatback
  • Cube
  • Train
  • Breakthrough
  • Diamond
  • Basic
  • Flatline
  • Leftwing
  • Rightwing
  • Standard

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Examples of Formations

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