Flying Route Pass (フライングルートパス, Furaingu Rūto Pasu) is an offensive hissatsu tactic.



Inazuma Eleven GO


Inazuma Eleven GO

It is first used in episode 30 by some players of Raimon against Kidokawa Seishuu, and used again in episode 31, but was broken by Izumi.

It was seen again in episode 46 on the TV, which Raimon was watching at it.

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

The power of this hissatsu tactics is 30.



Flying Route Pass Game

Flying Route Pass in the GO game.



Inazuma Eleven Go Flying Route Pass HD01:18

Inazuma Eleven Go Flying Route Pass HD.


  • This hissatsu has "blue" lines in the game when it goes to the other person, while in the anime it does not, but both have some kind of "impact" animation when passed to another teammate.
  • It resembles Route of Sky.
    • Both of these tactics don't have a limitation in the number of players. Anyone on the pitch can participate.

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