Flash Upper (フラッシュアッパー, Furasshu Appā) is a catch hissatsu technique.


Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!


This hissatsu was used in episode 98 by Billy Rapid to stop Bakunetsu Screw and he succeeded blocking it together with Domon Asuka with his Volcano Cut V2. Later he used it to block The Hurricane. However, he failed blocking it. He used it again in episode 99 to block Dragon Slayer and it was successful. The next time he used it, he failed blocking Grand Fire.


The user firsts does a few footwork as the ball gets nearer. The user then punches out a couple of shockwaves as the surrounding area is in a slow-motion state and does an uppercut the moment the ball is in front of him. In the game, the user does a few footwork and simply uppercuts the ball as the surrounding area is in a slow-motion state.



Flash Upper TCG

Flash Upper in the TCG.



Inazuma Eleven - Flash Superior

Inazuma Eleven - Flash Superior