Fire Spark symbol

Fire Spark (ファイアスパーク, Faia Supāku) is a team that can be challenged in Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!.


This team can be challenged after story mode is done. They can be challenged by talking with Raimon Souichirou, as the third team in the lower route, but this only applies to the Ogre version of the game.


  1. Ooiwa Kurando (GK)
  2. Aiel (MF)
  3. Enuel (MF)
  4. Hasuike An (MF)
  5. Genel (DF)
  6. Netsuha Natsuhiko (FW)
  7. Winel (MF)
  8. Hagakure Koutarou (DF)
  9. Guel (FW)
  10. Sein (FW/Captain)
  11. Nagumo Haruya (FW)
  12. Saiden Jou (FW)
  13. Satou Kazuo (DF)
  14. Honba Geki (DF)
  15. Barazono Hana (DF)

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