Europe senbatsu

Europe Senbatsu (ヨーロッパ選抜, Yōroppa Senbatsu, lit. Europe Selection) is a game exclusive team.


This team can be challenged at Endou Daisuke's upper route. The members' levels range from 46 to 52.


The uniform is Brockenborg's second uniform.


  1. Freddy McQueen (GK)
  2. David Buckingham (DF)
  3. Ottorino Nobili (DF)
  4. Angelo Gabrini (MF)
  5. Paul Appleton (MF)
  6. Anton Gattuso (DF)
  7. Gianluca Zanardi (MF)
  8. Alain Failliot (FW)
  9. Peter Nimke (FW)
  10. Niklas Kaster (MF/captain)
  11. David Peroqui (FW)
  12. Igor Freire (MF)
  13. Joan Nadal (MF)
  14. Ladji Paara (GK)
  15. Maximilian Milatz (FW)
  16. Ronnie Weiss (MF)


  • This team is a combination of all FFI teams from Europe.

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