The Legend of Liocott Island! (ライオコット(とう)伝説(でんせつ)!, Raiokotto-tou no Densetsu!) is episode 108 of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


After hearing about the legend of Liocott Island from Natsumi, and seeing the similarity between the two bracelets and the ones wore by the heaven and hell dwellers, Inazuma Japan goes back to practice. Later, they're visited by Fideo Ardena, who brought along Teres, Mark, Dylan, and Edgar. All of them come to express their wish for Italy and Japan's victory. They then decided to have a game with the five visitors and Touko join in to make twenty two players. Just when they start, thunder roars and clouds start rolling in when it was supposed to be sunny all day. Then the two bracelets, worn by Rika and Haruna started glowing, followed by a lightning strike, and a being with a strange outfit, Sein, appeared. Sein then hypnotized Rika to come with him, but Endou interfered. Annoyed, Sein shoots a ball straight to Endou, getting him out of his way. Then another one with a different outfit, Desuta, appeared to take Haruna, which Kidou interfered, but then got hurt by Desuta and Haruna got hypnotized as well. Later, Sein and Desuta have a conversation, in which some words indicate they're from heaven and hell. After that, both of them dissapeared, taking Rika and Haruna along. Then, everyone was shocked and remembered of what Natsumi told them before. Was the legend of Liocott Island true after all?


Hissatsu used


[Sakuma Jirou] Human bonds are even stronger than angels and devils!