It's Complete! My Own Hissatsu Technique!! (完成(かんせい)(おれ)だけの必殺(ひっさつ)`(わざ)!!, Kansei! Ore dake no hissatsu-waza‼) is the 88th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Despite Edgar's strongest Excalibur, Endou saves the goal thanks to Kabeyama's great efforts. But because of that, he suffers a lot of damage, and is taken out. Someoka goes in to replace him, and scores with his new technique. Then, Knights of Queen decides to use their second Hissatsu tactics, Muteki no Yari, protecting Edgar and the ball while making it impossible to approach him. Edgar scores again with another of his technique, and England is in the lead once more. During half time, Endou meets the red cap man again, and he says something that might be an idea for Endou's new technique. But first, Japan must find a way to take down Muteki no Yari if they don't want to lose more goals.

Hissatsu/Tactics used




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