The Ultimate Secret of Friendship! (友情(ゆうじょう)究極(きゅうきょく)奥義(おうぎ)!, Yūjō no kyūkyoku ōgi!) is the 65th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Even though they lost 2 points in the first half, Raimon never gives up, and gets back 2 points in the second half. However, things worsen when Dark Emperors start attacking violently. The Raimon Eleven try to block Dark Emperors' shots with their own bodies, but fall one after another. Endou switches back to goalkeeper to replace an injured Tachimukai. What can he do to remind their old friends of their true soccer?


Kazemaru vs Endou IE 65 HQ

Endou battling Kazemaru.

The story starts with Tachimukai trying to block Someoka's shoot using Mugen The Hand. However this fails, giving Dark Emperors the 2-point lead. Endou attempts to block Kazemaru, but it failed after using Shippuu Dash. Afterwards, Max and Handa suddenly use Revolution V.

Tachimukai failed to block the shoot, but thanks to Endou, it didn't touch the net. Later, Endou noticed that Tachimukai's arm was starting to hurt. But Tachimukai replied that he can still continue.

The first half soon ended with Raimon unable to make a shoot. The team seemed out of hope, since Kazemaru and his team know how they play. However, this ends with Hibiki making Tsunami the trump card, since none of the Dark Emperors know how Tsunami plays.

The second half starts with the Raimon team yet to make an opening in the middle, so Tsunami can shoot. However, Kazemaru got hold of the ball, and not even Endou could get it back. After Kazemaru kicks the ball in front of Endou, Tsunami became angry. Kazemaru kicks the ball to Tsunami, saying "What would you know?" Then everyone replies something about them loving their team and Endou. Later, Touko, Tsunami, and Kogure used the Perfect Tower, which made Tsunami get hold of the ball. Tsunami finds out that the center is not given attention anymore, so he unleashes Tsunami Boost. However, this fails, but Fubuki got the ball and unleashes Wolf Legend, then Crossfire later, which made a tie.

Later, Kazemaru got hold of the ball again, and calls Someoka and Max to unleash the Dark Phoenix. Tachimukai failed to block this as well. The Dark Emperors shoot and shoot, but these were blocked by Raimon members, which has injured all the members. With everyone unable to block any shoots, they unleash the Dark Phoenix, but even with the help of Endou, they didn't manage to block it. Luckily, it didn't get in the goal.

Aki cheering for Raimon IE 65 HQ

Aki cheering for Raimon.

Knowing about Tachimukai's injury, Endou replaced Tachimukai as the goalkeeper. Dark Emperors start to make shoots. Also, Endou asked why Kazemaru wants to use the Aliea meteorite. With Kazemaru's reply, that he wanted to get stronger. Endou remembered something, which was that he was the one who pushed Kazemaru to become stronger, forcing him to turn to the Aliea meteorite. Endou now feels guilty, but he has an idea to tell him to shoot. When Kazemaru starts making shoots, Endou blocks it all with God Hand and makes them remember, until he's worn out. Seeing all of this, Aki started calling "Raimon!" Then everyone also go with her, until everyone in the team is able to stand up. For the last resort, they unleashed the Dark Phoenix, and then again, Endou used God Hand with all of his strength, so everyone remembers how fun it is to play soccer. Endou, who uses the last drop of his strength, faints from fatigue and Kenzaki was arrested. 

Everyone celebrating IE 65 HQ

Everyone toss Endou up into the air.

Waking up, Endou was so happy that everyone's already back to normal. After a match with a 3-3 tie, everyone decided to toss Endou up in the air. But before that, Endou was given a cheek kiss by Touko, much to Aki and Natsumi's dismay. Then the elders (HibikiRaimon and Zaizen) talk about Endou in the end.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] Guys! Let's play soccer!