Clash! Raimon VS Raimon!! (激突(げきとつ)雷門(らいもん)VS雷門(らいもん)!!, Gekitotsu! Raimon VS Raimon!!) is the 64th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The Raimon Eleven return to Raimon Junior High only to find Kenzaki Ryuuichi waiting for them there, along with Raimon's old members who left the team due to injuries. Having powered up themselves with the Aliea meteorite, and calling themselves Dark Emperors, they challenge Raimon to a game. With no choice left, Endou agrees. But each one of Dark Emperors has increased their abilities even more than Raimon has imagined. How will they fight against their friends now?


Fubuki vs Someoka IE 64 HQ

Fubuki trying to block Someoka's shoot.

The episode starts with Raimon going back to their school but it was foggy. There they are surprised by a group of cloak figures, then what surprised them the most was when they removed their cloaks and is revealed to be none other than their old teammates and friends. They call themselves the Dark Emperors and wants a challenge against Raimon. It was revealed that they used the power of the Aliea Meteorite to be really strong.

At first, Endou did not want to have a match against them. Kidou stated that they will gain nothing by fighting them. Endou gives his hand to Kazemaru but Kazemaru pushes it away stating that they want a match against Raimon. Endou looks at Coach Hibiki and Endou agrees to have a match.

Afterwards, everyone goes to their position, but surprisingly, Kazemaru was a forward and he was too fast for Raimon and got the ball from Endou, teasing Endou that he was better as a goalkeeper. Afterwards, Kazemaru shoots but it was blocked by Mugen The Hand.

Then it was Raimon's turn, they used Bakunetsu Storm but was easily blocked into which surprised Raimon. Afterwards it was the Dark Emperors turn again and used Wyvern Crash but was blocked by Fubuki just in time. Though the second one broke through.

The first half ends with Dark Emperors leading a goal.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] Friends are always our friends no matter what.


  • In the game, the Dark Emperors make their arrival through helicopters instead.