The Last Battle! The Genesis - First Half!! (最終決戦!ザ・ジェネシス・前編‼, Saishū kessen! Za . Jeneshisu . Zenpen‼) is the 61st episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The first half of Raimon's match against The Genesis has started. Though, there is still one more problem left in the team, and that problem can only be answered by the person with a problem, Fubuki Shirou. Will Raimon pull-off a victory somehow even with this disadvantage?


Debut of Wolf Legend IE 61 HQ

Wolf Legend's debut.

The match between Raimon and The Genesis continues. Raimon is down by one goal and is in big trouble. Tachimukai isn't able to stop the ball using Mugen The Hand. Then, Fubuki decides to come back to the field to find his answer. Though, Atsuya keeps gaining control on him. Gouenji kicks the ball at Fubuki then asks him: "Can't you hear their voices?" Finally Fubuki knows what his father meant with "perfect". Fubuki then gains control over Atsuya's soul and is able to play his soccer. He then uses a new hissatsu, Wolf Legend and equals the scores. However, Kira Seijirou reveals another secret: Although the energy from the Aliea meteorite is what strengthens humans, The Genesis is made up of normal humans who became stronger through training! The Genesis now shows their true power and scores another goal using Supernova and breaks through the evolved Mugen The Hand. The score is now 2-1 with The Genesis taking the lead.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] Real power comes from hard work and effort.