Showdown! Endou VS Gouenji!! (対決!円堂VS豪炎寺‼, Taiketsu! Endō VS Gōenji‼) is the 56th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Training for Death Zone IE 56 HQ

Endou, Kidou and Domon training to make Death Zone

The Raimon Eleven comes to Teikoku Gakuen for training, as requested by Kidou. Kidou also requests his former teammates - the Teikoku team to play a friendly against the Raimon with Endou, Kidou and Domon on Teikoku's side. Kidou did this because he felt that to master Death Zone, the players had to become a part of Teikoku.

Endou and others learn Death Zone. But in this Death Zone, the shoot is boosted with the inequality of power in the shoot. Also Sakuma tells Kidou that they do not feel that Kidou had betrayed them and they feel that Raimon is the only place where Kidou can develop and utilize his skills properly. This allows Kidou to play without any worries and starts practicing Death Zone 2.

Major events

Hissatsu used



[Endou Mamoru] Believe in yourself, believe in your friends. If you can believe you can do it, you can definitely can do it!


  • Despite the title, Endou and Gouenji never go against each other throughout the episode.