Ride the Beat! Rhythm Soccer!! (ノリノリ!リズムサッカー‼, Norinori! Rizumu Sakkā‼) is the 49th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Formations IE 49 HQ

Raimon VS Oumihara

Tsunami reveals to Raimon that he has joined his school's soccer club, and they want to have a game with them. Raimon goes to Oumihara Junior High, and the game begins. They soon realize that even if Oumihara seems quite weird, they're actually quite good. And how in the world do they manage to steal the ball, as well as evading attacks from Raimon every time?

Hissatsu used



[Endou Mamoru] When we fight, we always make it a serious battle.