The Captain's Trial! (キャプテンの試練!, Kyaputen no shiren!) is the 46th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Kazemaru's decision to leave the team has left Endou devastated and took away his will to even practice. Nothing anyone says seems to have an effect on him. Kurimatsu, unable to bear seeing his captain like this, and thinking that the fight against Aliea Gakuen is hopeless, has decided to leave Raimon as well. It seems that Tachimukai's never-give-up attitude is the only thing left to remind Endou of who he was.


After Kazemaru left the team, the Raimon team had started to be silent, and Endou is left sad and devastated by this. With this, Endou decides to be alone for a while and does not attend Raimon's practices. Though, because of this, the Raimon team becomes sad that their captain is being depressed. After some time, Kurimatsu could not handle it anymore and left the team after writing a farewell note.

After this, Endou becomes even more depressed and does not eat anymore. He is too discouraged to even practice. But a certain person arrives in the top floor, it was Aki. Aki shows the determination each member had, and showed how determined Tachimukai was.

After that, Endou stands up again and is encouraged yet again to keep on going.

Hissatsu used



[Endou Mamoru] What's important is the heart to not give up!