Seismic! The Strongest Team, Genesis!! (激震!最強のジェネシス‼, Gekishin! Saikyō no Jeneshisu‼) is the 45th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Hiroto, who is actually Gran, captain of The Genesis, challenges Raimon to a game. It quickly turns into a one-sided match, as The Genesis keeps on scoring and none of the Raimon Eleven can even keep up with their movements. Fubuki gets injured while trying to stop Gran's shoot, Ryuusei Blade, and his past is revealed after the match by Coach Hitomiko. But what's even more shocking is Kazemaru's decision to quit the team!

Hissatsu used



[Endou Mamoru] As long as I don´t give up, I´ll find a chance to make a comeback.


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