Ichinose! The Greatest Crisis!! (一之瀬(いちのせ)最大(さいだい)危機(きき)!!, Ichinose! Saidai no kiki!!) is the 40th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


No sooner do they arrive home, and Raimon are back on the road again - this time they're heading to Ōsaka where it's rumored that Aliea Gakuen have a base. The team doesn't find any aliens there, but they do find a bunch of strange and powerful girls - with a secret!


Rika's love at first sight IE 40 HQ

Rika's love at first sight.

Raimon arrived in Naniwa Land where rumors said that the Aliea Gakuen have some sort of base there. The Raimon couldn't believe it at first, but they decided to search for clues. Ichinose was searching by himself, when a girl called Urabe Rika saw him and fell in love with him. Rika tricked Ichinose so he followed her to the Okonomiyaki Restaurant and made him eat her 'lovey-dovey dish'. After some time, the team have realized that Ichinose has gone. Thanks to Fubuki, they found out where Ichinose was. But when they wanted to take Ichinose back, Rika said that he has to marry her because of the 'lovey-dovey dish'. Megane had a plan. His plan is through a soccer match, Raimon vs Osaka Gals (Rika's team). Whoever wins will get Ichinose. Will Raimon win against these powerful soccer girls? What will happen to Ichinose?

Hissatsu used



[Endou Mamoru] It doesn't matter who we're up against. We just have to play our soccer!