A Genius of Glasswork (硝子(がラス)細工(ざいく)天才(てんさい), Garasuzaiku no Tensai) is the 37th episode of Inazuma Eleven GO series.


Nishizono Shinsuke was having doubts about playing as a goalkeeper, and as a result did not have enough confidence to do it, so he became depressed. Seeing this, Otonashi decided to use get help from Tachimukai Yuuki, her former friend and a goalkeeper of Inazuma Japan. Thanks to Tachimukai's help and advice, Shinsuke began to gain confidence about being a keeper. Then, Minamisawa came to visit Raimon along with Hyoudou Tsukasa, in order to help them train. Under Hyoudou's supervision and Sangoku's encouragement, Shinsuke trained with the others in his new position. At the end, he is finally able to awaken his Keshin...

Major events

Hissatsu/Keshin used





[Tachimukai Yuuki] It's worth setting someone far away as your goal.



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