Clash! Aliea Academy!! (衝撃(しょうげき)!エイリア学園(がくえん)‼, Shōgeki! Eiria Gakuen‼) is the 34th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Raimon have leveled up through their snowboard training and are ready to face Aliea Gakuen one more time. But do they have what it takes to beat them? And even if they do, what else do Aliea Gakuen have in store? Surely not another team..


Raimon started their match against Gemini Storm and Fubuki Shirou joined the Raimon team, he promised his old teammates in Hakuren that he will protect them.

The match started and everyone is still having a hard time against Gemini Storm. But then, they were slowly getting used to the speed of Gemini Storm slowly, and they finally got the ball from them with Kazemaru, who made a fast cut. From this moment, Raimon was just as fast as Gemini Storm.

Someoka then used Dragon Crash to score a goal but failed to do so, then as Gemini Storm pushed on, Fubuki stole the ball by using Ice Ground. He displayed his speed and got the ball easily. Then, Gemini Storm changed their attack pattern, and Reize used Astro Break. Both defenders use The Wall and The Tower but failed to block it. Endou used Bakuretsu Punch, but failed to block it.

Then, at the start of the second round, they put Fubuki on forward, and he stole the ball again. Then, when he neared the goal, he turned to Fubuki Atsuya's personality and headed towards the goal. Ichinose realized that the opponent had habits before they passed the ball, so he used Flame Dance to steal the ball. Someoka then shoots with Wyvern Crash and scored a goal.

With this, the opponent used Universe Blast to score, but the other two defenders used The Tower and The Wall and decreased the force of the ball, with this, Endou used Majin The Hand and blocked it. Then, Raimon attacked again, Fubuki uses Eternal Blizzard and scored. Raimon won the match. Natsumi then said to Gemini Storm "third time's the charm".

Then, another team from Aliea Gakuen, called Epsilon, came and stated that they got exiled Gemini Storm and they will wait their match against Raimon.

At the end, it was shown that Kageyama Reiji escapes jail once more.




Hissatsu used


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