The Warriors who Threw Away their Wings ((つばさ)()てた戦士(せんし)たち, Tsubasa wo Suteta Senshitachi) is the twenty-ninth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


As Shindou and Ibuki attempted to get back to Galaxy Nauts Gou, they were rescued by the leader of the eastern tribe, Roglos Gordon. As the two asked about the location of the red stone, Roglos brought them even more shocking news about the two factions. Meanwhile, Earth Eleven were told that Shindou and Ibuki would surely return to the match of the next day, but couldn't return now for certain reasons...

The next morning, Shindou and Ibuki got up and watched Roglos flying, though the next moment the duo were brought up to the sky and dropped off towards a volcano! What was the elder thinking?


[Ichikawa Zanakurou] We should be prepared so that, whenever we are called, we are ready.