Scorching Planet Gurdon! (灼熱(しゃくねつ)惑星(わくせい)ガードン!, Shakunetsu no Wakusei Gādon!) is the twenty-eighth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Earth Eleven has arrived to the planet of fire, Gurdon. After being toured around by Ishigashi, they get to know that this planet is divided into two factions: the Pro-Machine of the west and Anti-Machine Factions of the east. While in Faram Obius, Lalaya goes out to the city with Tsurugi in disguise and finds out that Faram Obius isn't an ideal planet that she has been wanting to protect.

During practice, Tenma recieves a message from Katra that the third fragment of hope is in Gurdon. Thus, Earth Eleven splits into three groups and go around the volcanoes to find it. Though the third member of Shitennou, Rodan Gasgus, is watching them in secret and set up some traps for them. Most of them managed to escape from the traps safely. However, Ibuki and Shindou fall off a cliff due to one of those traps. And what is waiting for them below is a pool of magma!





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[Tetsukado Shin] We just have to keep persisting!