The Warriors of the Water Star! ((みず)(ほし)戦士(せんし)たち!, Mizu no Hoshi no Senshitachi!) is the twenty fourth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Potomuri appears before Earth Eleven and reveals the truth about him and Mizukawa. He has been controlling Mizukawa's body since the time he used the last of his power to save her. He also reveals that Kiel was ruined by a black hole. Tsurugi, who got kidnapped, is brought to Faram Obius to meet queen Lalaya. He then gets proposed to become Lalaya's husband.

Earth Eleven arrives at their next destination, the planet of water, Sazanaara. Tenma meets Katra again, who tells him that he needs to use their power correctly in order to save the galaxy. After leaving him with this message, she vanishes. Later, Earth Eleven gets challenged by the Sazanaara citizens to a soccer battle. Strangely, they are able to block Earth Eleven's members' passes continuously and they all point to Matatagi as an "interesting" kid. The Sazanaara citizens score a goal and win. Before they leave, one of them comes to Matatagi and notes that Matatagi is a "lonely person" and someone none of his friends really care about. After being insulted, Matatagi is left in anger.





[Matsukaze Tenma] We won't have a chance if we don't attack!




  • During the soccer battle, Rydoras was about to shoot but instead, the next scene showed Guraami shooting.