Soul's Appearance! ((ソウル) 出現(しゅつげん)!, Souru Shutsugen!) is the twenty-third episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Sandorius Eleven keeps pushing Earth Eleven to the edge with their rough plays and the tension between the members of Earth Eleven increases. However, something shocking has happened! Konoha releases her Soul, named Fox! As for Sandorius Eleven, everyone realizes the importance of their pride and decides to play fairly after listening to Kazerma and Badai. This causes Barga to leave the field in anger, due to his plan failing. Both teams then continue the match and Earth Eleven ends up winning. Though, they couldn't be happy because Sandorius will be destroyed due to the consequences of their win.

Tenma meets the mysterious alien again in his dream who introduces herself as Katra Paige from the planet Kiel. He is given a yellow stone, which is said to be a piece of the method to save the galaxy. Meanwhile, Tsurugi gets kidnapped by his imposter and Ishigashi Gorham by the order of Lalaya Obies. When all the members assemble, Mizukawa doesn't believe Tenma's words as she states that Kiel had already been destroyed. Then, she reveals herself to be an alien and a former inhabitant of Kiel, to everyone's surprise.

Hissatsu/Tactics used



Soul used

  • [SOUL] Fox (Debut)
  • [SOUL] Lion (Debut)
  • [SOUL] Dohma (Debut)



[Kazerma Woorg] If we can't even protect our own pride, we can't protect anyone!