Clash! Space Soccer!! (激突(げきとつ)宇宙(うちゅう)サッカー!!, Gekitotsu! Uchū Sakkā!!) is the twenty-second episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


As the day of the match between Earth Eleven and Sandorius Eleven is coming near, Earth Eleven is still unable to play soccer properly due to the difference of the gravitational force. Most of the members are under pressure because of being the representative of Earth.

Meanwhile, Tenma met a mysterious alien girl in his dream, who guides him to a cave where he sees a stone that transformed into a mysterious creature. When Tenma wakes up, the mysterious creature is in his room chasing Tenma around which causes him to trip over. It soon becomes intimate with the members of Earth Eleven, especially Tenma, and then is named 'Pixie'.

The match between Earth Eleven and Sandorius Eleven has come and started. However, Earth Eleven has a hard time because Barga Zachs and most of the members of Sandorius Eleven who cooperate with him keep playing in violent manners. The score then resulted to 1-0, to the favor of Sandorius Eleven.

Hissatsu used



[Sorano Aoi] It's not impossible for even the strangest things to happen. This is space!



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