Rampage! The Black Room!! (暴走!ブラックルーム!!, Bōsō! Burakku Rūmu!! ) is the twenty-first episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy anime series.


After Kazerma Woorg left, all the members of Earth Eleven reunite together. Meanwhile, Barga Zachs, a member of Shitennou who was sent from Faram Obius comes to Sandorius Eleven and offers to help them fight against Earth Eleven. Shinsuke becomes determined to be stronger after being looked by Ibuki because of his goalkeeping skills. He goes to Black Room with Tetsukado joins him for training. However, due to Tetsukado randomly starting the program, both of them end up get trapped inside it. And now, they have to face a group of Haniwa Paolo.





[Nishizono Shinsuke] There's two of us here. We just have to get stronger together!



  • Along with Danball Senki WARS, the series had a two week-pause between 25th September 2013 and 9th October 2013


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