Break It! The Infinite Wall!! ((くだ)け!無限(むげん)(かべ)!!, Kudake! Mugen no Kabe!!) is the 18th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


With their firepower boosted by the addition of Kidou Yuuto, the team are ready to tackle Senbayama Junior High and their unbreakable defense. But unless they get their pass coordinated, all their hard work will come to nothing! Will they able to break the iron defense?


Kidou helps the team in their coordination, Raimon's passes start connecting. However,they couldn't break the infinite wall even with hissatsu techniques. Senbayama Junior High gets a score in the first half. In the second
Kidou's decision

Kidou's first appearance in Raimon

half, they tried but they couldn't break the Mugen no Kabe. Then they discover a new hissatsu technique known as Inazuma Break which is a combination hissatsu by Kidou, Endou and Gouenji. It is able to break the Mugen no Kabe, while the second mark was scored by Someoka's Dragon Crash. At last, Raimon is able to win the match by 2-1.
The first Inazuma Break HQ

Endou, Kidou and Gouenji's Inazuma Break.

Mugen no Kabe in IE 18 HQ

Mugen no Kabe.

Major events

  • Raimon wins the match and advances.
  • Kidou joins Raimon officially.
    • With Kidou, Inazuma Break was learned.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] Our real hissatsu technique is our passion to not give up to the very end!


  • In the final scene, right before picking up Ichinose's phone call, Kino Aki hums to the tune of Seishun Oden, which is the episode's ending song.