The End and the Beginning of a Battle ((たたか)いの()わりと(はじ)まり, Tatakai no Owari to Hajimari) is the seventeenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy anime series.


Inazuma Japan takes back a point with their counterattack. The second half starts, with the score being 2-1. However, Storm Wolf's movements become different from the moves they showed in the first half, which surprises a lot of Japan's players. They have trouble blocking Uzbekistan's attack, and Maxim Adrov scores a third goal. After that goal, the team gets desperate, but Tenma makes them remember the previous matches. Then, they lead an attack. Sakura is able to use her own hissatsu, Beautiful Hoop. She then passes the ball to Kusaka, who transforms into his Berserker mode and scores the second goal with Kyoubou Head. They keep attacking, but Tenma's attempt to score fails against the goalkeeper's catch hissatsu. Storm Wolf immediately counterattacks, and this time, Dmitri Sobirov uses Gold Fever. It easily scores because of its speed and Ibuki is unable to catch it. Inazuma Japan then tries a new tactic. Tetsukado also uses his hissatsu, Footwork Draw, and then Tenma finally scores with God Wind. The score is 4-3, with Storm Wolf still leading. However, it becomes 4-4 because of Tsurugi's Bicycle Sword, with the help of Manabe and Minaho. After the match starts again, Konoha is seen showing some of her Soul while tackling Zaur Melekh. Matatagi scores the fifth and final goal, and Japan wins! However, a strange light appears above the stadium and Storm Wolf's players transform into aliens. Then, a spaceship mysteriously appears.

Hissatsu/Tactics used




[Matsukaze Tenma] Then we'll get 2 points at the same time!