The Power to Trust and Unite! (信賴(しんらい)結束(けっそく)する力!, Shinraishi kessoku suru chikara!) is the sixteenth episode of Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy anime series.


The match between Inazuma Japan and Storm Wolf continues. Inazuma Japan has been able to cope up with Storm Wolf equally but Matsukaze Tenma still feels something is lacking. Then, Storm Wolf scores another goal with Gold Fever which makes Ibuki Munemasa very frustrated. Most of the team doesn't follow Tenma's orders and charges ahead alone. After seeing their movements, Ibuki remembers his past. Will Ibuki realize what Shindou Takuto was trying to tell him by doing those things?

Hissatsu used


[Shindou Takuto] If you can't realize that for yourself, you won't able to make your best plays!