Hair-Raising! Teikoku Academy!! (戦慄(せんりつ)! 帝国学園(ていこくがくえん)!!, Senritsu! Teikoku Gakuen) is the sixteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


The first half of the Raimon vs. Teikoku match is about to start! Will the Raimon team be able to pull it off somehow even if Tsurugi's not there? And what would be the conclusion of the first half of the match?!


The Raimon team started the match against Teikoku but it seems impossible. Shindou's Fortissimo was blocked by the goalkeeper even without using a hissatsu. They tried out their incomplete hissatsu tactic, Ultimate Thunder, but it failed in the end.

Afterwards, Shinsuke was having doubts on using his Buttobi Jump but after some encouragement by their coach Endou, he got back on his spirit and gave the ball to the team and afterward they tried out the hissatsu tactic again and this time, after Kurama being determined on how the team was persevering, he helped out in this hissatsu tactic and it seems that it was almost perfected, the only problem was that one of the Teikoku Gakuen defenders, Ryuuzaki Ouji used his keshin, Ryuukishi Tedis and they weren't able to use the hissatsu tactic.

Then at the hospital, Tsurugi's old coach, Kuroki Zenzou, came and talked to him about his brother, that if Raimon loses, his brother will be cured to which his older brother heard from afar and could not believe what he just heard. Tsurugi now has to choose, his brother or Raimon.

At the end of the episode, Teikoku's captain, Mikado Haruma, used his shoot hissatsu, Koutei Penguin 7 and broke through Sangoku's Burning Catch, making Teikoku lead 1-0.

Major events

  • The first half of the match started.
  • Tsurugi's elder brother finally hears the truth from afar.

Hissatsu/Keshin/Tactics used





[Nishizono Shinsuke] From all that practice, I should be able to fly even higher than ever!




  • When Kurama tried to do Ultimate Thunder, Hamano was shown to start Ultimate Thunder, while Shindou actually first started.