Key to Victory (勝利(しょうり)への解法(かいほう)Shōri e no kaihō) is the thirteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


The match opposing Inazuma Japan and Mach Tiger continues. Kuroiwa Ryuusei tells Manabe Jinichirou and Minaho Kazuto to find the "key to victory". However, their calculations don't seem to work, and Tamugan Jar is able to score a second goal for Thailand's team, Ibuki Munemasa being unable to stop Ivory Crash. Manabe is disturbed by his parents' arrival in the stadium and can't find a way to stop Mach Tiger's players from attacking, but Minaho gives him advice to do so. He also tells Manabe about his childhood and his deceased father. They both use hissatsus, Defense Houteishiki belonging to Manabe and Trace Press belonging to Minaho, and allowing Inazuma Japan to make a counter-attack. Tsurugi Kyousuke ties the score by using Bicycle Sword, and then Matsukaze Tenma scores the third and final goal with God Wind. The match ends 3-2, Inazuma Japan wins and advances to the final. After his team's defeat, Napa Ladam's eyes suddenly become blue without further explanation. In the terraces, Hakuryuu is seen again, smiling...

Hissatsu/Tactics used





[Manabe Jinichirou] I'll find the answer to victory!




  • After Tsurugi passed the ball to Tenma, Tenma appears without his captain band before he uses God Wind.