Tsurugi's Secret (剣城(つるぎ)秘密(ひみつ), Tsurugi no Himitsu) is the eleventh episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


At the start of the episode, Tenma has a flashback about their last game they played. Then, Shinsuke appeared and they both raced to school together. When they arrived at the club room, some of the members looked depressed, others mad. On the other hand, Endou was called in the principal's office and, sort of, had a fight, or so. Afterwards, Tsurugi was waiting outside for the outcome. In the hospital, Tsurugi visited his injured elder brother, Tsurugi Yuuichi. They both went outside and talked about their childhood. Then, he had a flashback. The both of them were playing soccer, and pretending to be Gouenji, but in the process, his elder brother got hurt in an accident to save Tsurugi and had been in a wheelchair ever since. Moments later, he saw his former coach and they went to the secret lair of Ishido Shuuji together to talk with him.

At the field, the team was playing and Akane kept on taking pictures. Tsurugi arrived and asked if he can join the next game. Endou recklessly accepted and the others were afraid and nervous about it. Tenma protested and said some words of encouragement, but one of the members got mad of that. Then, Minamisawa suddenly resigned from the team, and Kurama angrily blamed it on Tenma. Shindou, before leaving approached coach Endou, outside of the old soccer club room. Endou encouraged Shindou not to be afraid of Tsurugi nor get mad at him.

At the streets, Tenma saw Tsurugi and tried to talk to him and tried to explain to him the real importance of soccer. He got home and Aki and Tenma talked to each other, heart-to-heart about things people his age don't understand. Game day arrives, Tsurugi replaces Minamisawa. The others are worried about it because of his attitude. The captain of the opponent spoke to Tsurugi about Fifth Sector and Tsurugi flinched. The game started, Tsurugi immediately got the ball, and then he kicked it to Raimon's goal and scored for Mannouzaka, just like Fifth Sector's order. Tsurugi said to Raimon's members that he will destroy Raimon.

Major events

  • Tsurugi wears the Raimon uniform for the first time and joins the match.
  • Tsurugi's past is revealed along with his brother.
  • Minamisawa quits Raimon.





[Kino Aki] Once you know what you really want, the answer will come to you.



  • The episode title refers to Tsurugi's secret, which is that he actually had a brother, and the reason why he follows Fifth Sector is so that his brother's injuries can be healed.