Endou Atsuko (円堂(えんどう) 温子(あつこ)) is one of the supporting characters in the Inazuma Eleven game and anime. She's Endou Daisuke's daughter and Endou Mamoru's mother.


When Atsuko was young, she thought that her father, Endou Daisuke, was dead. She thought
Endou's mum at graduation

Atsuko at Endou's graduation

that the reason of his death was because he played soccer so she told her son, Endou Mamoru, when he was young to put the notebook and the ball down and not to play soccer, but he refused to listen to her. She dislikes talking about her father or about soccer. She finally allowed her son to play soccer because her husband encouraged him to play it. Later in the series, she started to cheer Endou Mamoru to play soccer and do his best.


She always wears an orange shirt and white trousers,her hair color is light brown and her eyes are black. She appeared once in episode 126 in a black suit wearing a white necklace.


Being Endou's mother means she always looks out for Endou. She didn't allow him to play soccer at first because she was afraid of what happened to her father, Endou Daisuke, might happen to Mamoru. However, in the end, she allowed him to play soccer and even cheered for him. She always has a mother's heart.


Season 1

She always tells Endou not to play soccer, but he refuses to obey her. Then, in the match with Zeus, she was holding Endou Daisuke's photo and cheering for Endou in the stadium. She was very happy when Raimon won the Football Frontier.

Season 2

She makes a short appearance after the first match between Raimon and the Aliea Gakuen. She was also heard calling Endou during their trip to stop Aliea.

Season 3

She appears in episode 68 yelling up the stairs at Endou (who has slept in) reminding him that coach Hibiki called him to be at Raimon that morning. She appears to watch the match between Inazuma Japan and Little Gigant on TV, paying her most attention on her son. Before the graduation ceremony, she told Endou about Daisuke phoning her. She also went to her son's graduation ceremony later.


Game appearance

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Outfit Atsuko sprite