The elements are one of the most basic features of the Inazuma Eleven universe. They can be attributed to most characters and hissatsu.


Wind Icon Wind (風, kaze) is weak against wood and is strong against earth. The wind element includes other elements such as water, ice and lightning.


Earth Icon Earth (山, yama) is weak against wind and is strong against fire. The earth element includes other elements such as light.


Fire Icon Fire (火, hi) is weak against earth and is strong against wood. The fire element usually only includes fire, although some techniques with the fire element can be mistaken as a wood attribute.


Wood Icon Wood (林, hayashi) is weak against fire and is strong against wind. The wood element includes other elements such as music, energy, space, darkness. Most wood users have a different range of hissatsu techniques with different elements.


Void Icon Void (無, mu) has no weaknesses and isn't strong against other elements. This element includes darkness or hissatsu that can have two or more elements, such as Fuurinkazan Destroyer, which includes the four elements. There are no void characters, only hissatsu, keshin and souls.


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Void triceratops better quality

The Void Triceratops.

  • Altrough there aren't void characters, in the Chrono Stone game exists a triceratops which is element is void. The other dinosaurs have normal elements.