Eito Gakuen emblem

Eito Gakuen (栄都(えいと)学園(がくえん)) is a team that appeared in Inazuma Eleven GO.


They played a match against Raimon and they were supposed to win 3-0 (a score order from Fifth Sector), but when Shindou Takuto scored, they won 3-1.


Eito's team uniform consists of a cyan colored t-shirt with white patterns, and a dark violet collar. This is fitted with dark blue pants, white socks with blue stripes around the top, and murky greenish-blue cleats. The goalkeeper uniform is about the same, except the color of the shirt (the goalkeeper shirt is long sleeved) is red, and the blue stripes on the socks are replaced by red stripes. All the Eito players also wear glasses.


  1. Kageura Touji (GK)
  2. Mienai Kouta (DF)
  3. Honda Taizou (DF)
  4. Akutagawa Fusanosuke (DF)
  5. Kakizaki Hagumi (DF)
  6. Hitofude Hayato (MF)
  7. Fukuro Tetsuya (MF)
  8. Yomiya Satoshi (MF)
  9. Yukiji Keiichi (FW)
  10. Saewatari Yuuichirou (MF/captain)
  11. Kindaichi Gaku (FW)
  12. Kaoka Utanori (GK)
  13. Kouyou Hifumi (DF)
  14. Natsume Kinsuke (MF)
  15. Kuniki Tetsuo (MF)
  16. Tanizaki Junji (FW)
  17. Manabe Jinichirou (DF) (Galaxy)

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  • All of the members of this team wear eyeglasses or goggles, even the coach and their parents.
  • Eito's true ability is really weak. They are no match for Raimon (GO) if it wasn't for Fifth Sector's command.
  • Eito is the only team in Inazuma Eleven GO who doesn't have a SEED.
  • The name of the team, Eito, can also be read as eight (8). If you rotate the figure "8" 90° in any direction, it would have the shape of a pair of glasses, which is a reference to their team's emblem and the style of each characters.
  • In the half-time, all members read books or talk about it.
  • In the dub, most of the members' names come from names of great historical figures.